Some say they are busy but right now let me tell you...

#1 we plan for Selma's second birthday party, one for all kids at the pre school... Lets hope not all kids will come, so far 14 and some parents

#2 Finishing work before vacation and the fact I quit my job (after 14 y) June 28th.

#3 Socializing Doris the black lady cat we have had for over 3 months now

#4 Keeping Signe, Sven and Doris appart and making all cats happy with indoor and outdoor routines, sleeping routines, feeding...

#5 Making Selma happy and trying new routines for her go to sleep routines.

#6 Visiting my mother's Alzheimers dr for some new test and counseling

#7 Keeping contact with the rest of my friends and family

#8 Going to the dentist next week

#9 Organizing and cleaning the house before the summer

#10 Take Doris to the vet to cut her nails... cut Signe's nails since Doris has a big nasty cut on her forehead...

I will try to keep up with my former Flickr friends here on ipernity, the plan so far is not to post here, but who knows in the future.