After that guy (read earlier journal entries) tryed to scam me i've had 2 emails from reptile owners offering their males for Avie's pleasure and, after deciding on Lazurus (spelling?) a gorgeous red males we brought him home on saturday.

the intial meeting was pretty awsome to watch, if not promising - they fought - but today they mated!

But why "I've trained her well" is because little Avs only seemed to get in the mood when Nine Inch Nails started playing out of my computer. my little heavy metal baby.

So that means that (hopefully - fingers cross) in four months i'll have little Avie/Laz's running around everywhere! and she hopefully won't lay now until I'm back from Canberra (I'm leaving on Sunday, will be away for two weeks).

So excited and so happy (and a little er, dirty is probably the best word, as they did start the whole thing on my lap...) and worried, as now Lazurus is displaying at me... hmm, maybe he should go back down stairs....