1. After giving them your number to call you and discus the future purchase they "try several times but always just get your voice mail" when your phone has been on and next to you all day

2. You discover that the animals you are looking to purchase are actually in a differant country and, being animals native to THIS country, it would therefore be illegal to ship them back here

3. The pictures they send you of the "adult pairs" are of babies no more than 6 months old

4. The email you get from the so called shipping company is very unprofesional and writen with the same style and mannerisms as the guy you have been emailing in the first place

5. The shipping company doesn't exist

6. The 'shipping company' is using a "graffitti.net" email account (that's like hotmail)

7. Neither the 'shipping company' nor the guy you've been emailing seems the least be concerned that the animals are going to be seriously stressed out and traveling on planes for 4 days to reach you and probably would die on the way over

8. The guy is in Cameroon and yet not in the Cameroon phonebook,/p>

9. The guy's phone number doesn't exist

10. (and this is what originally got me concerned) the first email you get from them is an attachment of pretty coloured font

11. (and the cherry on the cake) In the first email back to him you ask what shipping company in australia he's going to use. He doesn't respond with that information so you ask again, and offer a company name. In the next email he tells you it's the company you suggested

12. (and the whipped cream topping) He just happened to have been in Brisbane last week visiting a friend who he gave some of the other animals to (yeah, another reason i was sceptical, you don't just give away $600 lizards at the cost of shipping - $180)

Now I'm pissed. 'cause if he'd been for real (and/or legal) I'd have a gorgeous boy lizard to satisfy my horny Avarice.

Stupid internet fraud bastards.