The Dastkar Craft Exhibition is held annually in the grounds of Chitrakala Parishad in Bangalore. I would like to show you a few pictures I took whilst visiting it. See my album on Ipernity:

An excerpt from the Deccan Herald (a newspaper in Bangalore India) adds a bit more detail to my description (See: ):

"Dastkar, a national NGO for crafts and craftspeople, celebrates its fourth Nature Bazaar at Chitrakala Parishat till September 1. The bazaar brings together different craft skills from 19 states from across the country.

The bazaar is not just a showcase for indigenous techniques, textures and designs, but a forum for environmental, social and cultural concerns, bringing together ideas and issues as well as people and products.

This year, the theme ‘Elephant’ will be interpreted in spectacular weaves, carved on wood, embroidered on fabrics, cast in metals, sculpted in terracotta and papier mache, painted on paper and knotted in
rattan and fibre, celebrating the symbiotic independence of man and nature.

Nature Bazaar offers a huge range of craft products from garments, soft furnishings, accessories, jewellery, toys, leather products etc. One can experience Tussar, Kota, Chanderi, Jamdani, Upadda, Ikat, South Cotton, Khadi and Pattu weaves besides mirrored hand embroidery, block prints, Dhokra cast metal, ironware and terracotta pottery. There are also woollen shawls from Himachal Pradesh and natural fibre products from Karnataka.
So be part of Dastkar Nature Bazaar to help artisans help themselves."