(left: jet jack black, right: jason lee)
by Jeremy & Claire Weiss

"Whether they’re shooting a world-famous rock star or the girl next door, Jeremy and Claire Weiss have a few simple rules: Make sure that the subject is comfortable and that the mood is low-key and fun. Then, work on composition, using light and shadows to create a sense of drama and story.

The results, both simple and stylish, are images that have a carefree informality and hipster vibe, while also being beautifully framed. It’s a combination that has catapulted this young Los Angeles husband-and-wife team to great success in the last year, with assignments that included a major advertising campaign for Nokia, road trips to document MySpace.com’s Secret Shows (where music stars like Ice Cube perform on short notice at small venues) and shoots for magazines ranging from Nylon to Elle. [...]" www.pdnedu.com/