by Clayton Cubitt ("hurricane katrina")
his family, his hometown, the survivors
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"Clayton Cubitt, a.k.a. Siege, is a shock photographer. You may have seen his eye-popping work already on the Web. There, his saturated-in-color, boundary-pushing shots have earned him a truly die-hard audience of acolytes who can't get enough of his wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am photographic style. On his eponymous website and the Daily Siege, a weblog he maintains at, Cubitt's cutting edge images are taking the medium of photography to new extremes. Whether he's shooting heartbreaking portraits of Hurricane Katrina survivors in devastated New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was raised, or creating a fashion layout featuring adult film star Justine Joli exposing her most intimate parts, his work sears itself indelibly across the retinas of its viewers.

At 35, Cubitt has dedicated himself to a kind of gesamtkunstwerk approach to photography. He takes portraits of the famous and his friends, shot a recent ad campaign for Converse sneakers, and collaborated with software designer Tom Carden for Metropop magazine on a denim-themed pictorial that incorporated digital vector art. Not infrequently, he steps in front of the camera for his most personal—and hardcore—work. While Cubitt's predecessors remained hidden behind their camera lenses, this photographer—inspired by the raw intensity of Terry Richardson and Jurgen Teller—is unafraid to subject himself to the same kind of scrutiny to which he subjects his subjects.[...]"