You may know, my favourite photographic technique is to capture pictures with my Lomo LC-A on crossprocessed slide film. To amplify the crossprocessing effect (shift in colours, contrast, more grain) I learned to let the slide film (usually ISO 100) push to 400 ISO (if not double exposure) in addition.

If you do this several times at different exposure conditions (bright sunlight vs. indoor) you get a feel for the characteristics of the film type, although crossprocessing is erratic by nature.

I tried Agfa precisa ct 100 for about 2 years now and it is still my favourite for crossprocessing. In pushing it to ISO 400 it exhibits detailed pictures with an interesting colour scheme. Kodak slide films tend to a blue tinting in overexposure conditions. I tried Fuji non-pro stuff too, satisfying but not terrific. 



For some time now, I wanted to try the quite famous Fujichrome Velvia (ISO 50) for crossprocessing. I've done it now with a slightly expired Velvia. I took my Lomo to a Bavarian farm house museum and tested the film under low light conditions indoor (and these old farm houses can be quite dark inside).

Briefly: I'm very satisfied with the results!



The Velvia exhibits a very consistent colour scheme with an amber like basic tinting, but blues and reds come good as well. Pushing it from 50->400 clearly overburdens the film and a nice coarse grain and loss in details becomes apparent.

In addition the low light conditions brought up some smooth movement blur. Going into details (as I like to do), I missed the 80 cm nearest focus distance of the Lomo by chance and sometimes by intention, which also produces some out-of-focus feature.

The Velvia will defenitively be my more expensive alternative to the Agfa precisa. Now, I'm looking for charges of expired 135 Velvias. Anybody knows a source?

- albrecht -


watch out for some more pics in my documents ...