... and this will be technically (equipment) driven again, although I wanted to restrict my technical focus. 

Inspired by reports about "cat cameras", mini digital cameras which can be fixed to the necklace of your pet and record pictures of the pets daily stroll, I bought such a camera at ebay for about 4 Euros. It is really tiny, about the size of a matchbox.

For this album I intend to use the pictures of the low resolution point and shoot, fix focus camera without any manipulation, just how they come from the inbuild memory chip. In the future I will try to use it for a some 5 - 10 frame story telling.

Technical features of this camera are:

  • f = 3.9 cm
  • Maximum aperture F 2.8
  • Sensational 352x288 pixel = 0.1 MP (in high resolution mode)
  • Build-in memory for 20 HR pictures
  • Also records short avis in low resolution mode

- albrecht -