Today is my daughters 1. birthday and I bought here some "experience cubes", a package of small wooden cubes with insides to discover and experiment with. What I didn't notice until we opened the box was, that there are three cubes with optical elements inside: an orange tinted window, a mirror and a multi-facetted kaleidoscope like lens. The last one is really great for some simple photographic effects.    

You can look at this "photographic device" on the right side. You see, a highly sophisticated and therefore expensive ancillary lens. We unpacked the present box, I pointed the wooden box at my family and fell in love with the thing. Then I grabbed our digital camera and made some pictures through the facettes. Look at them! Something for you too? Visite your toy shop and ask for the baby section :-).

Now I will look out for further subjects to get viewed through this fly eyed lens.

- albrecht -