Does anybody share this feeling ...?

The theorem stipulates: if many photographers gather at the same event/ location, the quality of each single capture of that scene goes down. On the other hand, if you, as a photographer, are alone at a location and have the feeling you are the only one here and now to capture this unique setup, you pictures get a certain touch of inspiration.

I got in touch with that theorem, as I went to the Oktoberfest recently. After a family vacation with no opportunity for photograhs, I begged my wife for an evening off duty to go to the Oktoberfest to take some pictures with my Lomo LC-A there. But when I came to the "Wiesn", the fairground, my inspiration let me down. I saw a lot of photographers with digital SLR cameras using anti-shake/ image stabilised lenses or tripods, taking a lot of effort to capture the scenes well composed and technically perfect and of course, not to be unfair, focussing on the right photogenic subjects. I had the feeling all the good things have been photographed away.

Then my film advance hooked up and I was not sure about the right transport, opening the back of the camera and and and...

In summary, it was a bad evening ...

I brought my films (agfa precisa ct 100 slide film, partly with double exposures and overexposures/ light leaks due to the opening of the back) and an agfa vista 100 negative film to the lab and with a feeling, nothing can be worth from now on I get them both crossprocessed and pushed to 400 ISO. At least some of the captures gave me a bit of contentment back. But all the photos are not really inspired, which does not detain me from posting some of the results anyway :-)


 - albrecht - 

uhh - I forgot to remove the "draft" tag ... thus with some delay published!