I've been wanting to do a review on anime I've seen, more of an opinion really. Nothing really formal like character development or plot etc. Just recommendations and if its just pure tripe or if I found it really good. I am slowly making my way down a list of anime from a site I subscribe to:


The first section is called # or titles that don't begin with a letter. I haven't seen all of them because some of them I just thought were not interesting to me. :)

I've seen:

12 Kingdoms I really liked this one. It was a long series but I thought that it had a really good story and you could really feel for the characters. I give it 4 stars.

3x3 Eyes, Now I have the DVD of this already and I really love the story. Its about a zombie boy and the troubles he has in order to help the triclops ( a girl) that has "enslaved" him to become human. Its a love story, you cant go wrong with zombie love and lots of monsters. Hey, I'm a girl, what do you expect! 4 stars again.

The other anime I had no interest in watching was the .hack//sign stories. Those are a bit to video game for me and I don't play them so I'm not that interested in them. :P

That's it for this section of the list. Like I said I'm slowly working my way down the list and I have seen many many many series and I may eventually list the ones I see as I finish up with them. If you have suggestions or opinions or want to argue for your favorites I'd love it!!! Rach I know you like anime too so we should have a viewing showdown!! :D Anyway, tomorrow I'm taking on the letter A.