Wow!!! It has been a week of ups and very down downs. Today was my very first day on the new job and it was fun! OK it was a lot of paper work and orientation, the real training starts on Thursday. I was among a small crowd of new hires that showed up today to begin the employment process. I met some of the new employees today and they all look like a nice bunch of young people.

First we went over rules and regulations, and filling out the necessary paperwork yada yada yada. Then we had lunch in he cafeteria. :) We got to have anything we wanted. :D I had a very fancy looking tuna sandwich and some chips.

After lunch we had a tour of the zoo and met some of the animals. Boris the Lion was sleeping and Peter and Jenny the Gorillas were out and enjoying the weather. It was a beautiful day today. A bit cold but a walk around the zoo warms you up very fast. I know where to park now, but I can ride the train in as well if I want to. The train station is down the street from where I live and it stops right in front of the zoo. I will probably take the train a few times a week. :))

I got the shirts I will wear as well today. I get to where a lovely shade of orange polo shirt. I also get a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket  because I'm management. :)))) I cant wait to start learning the nuts and bolts of the operation!! I even got my badge today, it just has my name on it. Very very cool day today!