I got Sherbet at a Petsmart in Arlington Texas. If your from here it was the Lincoln shopping center location. Mike and I were in to look at the animals and get some supplies of some sort, when I checked out the hamsters. I always loved to look at the little critters just to see what they had in, I was just checking them out that's all. That's when I saw her, a small cream baby girl and she slowly, very slowly walked up to where I was. I had my camera with me and I took her portrait. Oh she was a cute little girl! This is the photo I took of her, I think we connected at that moment. I couldn't get her out of my head and I vowed to get her if she was still there at the end of the week. She was! Of for joy!! It was love!

Now I had Mr. Hammi Pants, and I loved him too, but my husband loved him a tremendous amount as well so he shared him with me. Miss Sherbet was different, she was mine. I had four hamsters and the first two I don't really recall all that much, I don't even remember if they had names. Before Mr. Hammi Pants and Miss Sherbet, I liked hamsters but I didn't spend a lot of time with them, I didn't know hamsters. I bonded with Mr. Hammi Pants and Miss Sherbet, I really got to know them and they knew me. I was their protector and their mother. I owe my more in depth involvement in their little lives on photographing them, spending hours observing them and playing with them.

The death of a pet is never easy. I was more prepared for the death of Mr. HP and not of Sherbet. He is a little over 2yrs now and they rarely live past 3yrs. There has been the occasional ham to live much longer than that but its rare. I was not prepared for her death. It came fast and quickly. She apparently had an infection in her vagina area. The vet said she may have been sick for about 4 days and it only got bad enough for me to notice just the other day. When I picked her up the other night, there was a pus that came out of her and it scared me terribly. That I had never seen before. The vet thinks that she was in distress that night and was irritated and as a result injured herself trying to scale the aquarium and hitting the house. He checked her head trauma and there was nothing broken. What she did to herself should not have caused her death the way it did. It was the combination of the two things and her little body just gave out. It was fast. She may have been sick for maybe 4 days without me even knowing it. I was not prepared for it at all. Right now, I'm still sick and I've had 3 hrs sleep in the past 48hrs. not good. I haven't cleaned out her cage yet. I'll do that tomorrow.

The last time I played with her was on Wed. Oh I was so sick. I could barley move, every muscle hurt. She wanted to come out, so I took her out and she slipped through my fingers onto my bed smooth as silk. She was soft and warm and a ball of energy. She always reminded me of a little bulldog in hamster form. Then I thought better of it. I should put her away in case I get her sick. I put her back. I'll play with you when I get better.

I just want to say thank you everyone for your warm words. It's very touching to know that she was so loved and that she will be missed. This took me completely by surprise. Thank you again.