I've been sick the past day and because of that, I didn't take out the hamsters for their normal play session. Well, Miss Sherbet wanted out and she tries to get out by standing on her house and hanging on to the edge of the aquarium. She then loses her grip and takes a tumble. Once or twice doesn't really hurt much but I think because I went to sleep and didn't take her out that she did this over and over and over again. Basically she beat herself up. This morning she was making some terrible snuffly noises and her eye looked like it had a cut over it. Her nose looked like a spot of blood was on it and she was making a ruckus trying to sleep!!  Oh My God!!! What happened to her!!!! I took her out and gave her a looking over and I think with some good rest she will be ok, if she doesn't look well tonight, I'll take her to the vet tomorrow. I've given her extra fluff, and some tofu, she is resting now but is still making that snuffly noise in her sleep. To be honest, I don't know what a vet would be able to do for her if she hurt her head. I checked her mouth and her teeth look fine. Right now all I can do for her is make sure she is comfortable and gets her sleep. If she wants to come out tonight, I'm taking her out so she doesn't throw herself against her house. :(( I feel really really bad for her.