Hamster Fact: Noises! They can make noises! Its kind of funny to hear them, but they make a range of squeaks and gnashing noises. Although mostly quiet, I've heard my hams grind their teeth, a display of annoyance or territoriality, to heavy breathing, almost a sneezy, wheezing to a clear crisp squeak! The boy does the heavy breathing when he wants to sniff something deeply, It's almost a snuffling sound. They both make sneezing noises. I suppose they are really sneezing. They both squeak, but the boy does this most often. He will call the the girl and once he told me off for taking him outside! I wish I could record it, its quite sweet sounding, like a little squeaky toy. My experience is just with Syrians, I'm not sure if other types of hamsters make noise. I'm sure they do. :)