Welcome our New Addition!!
I like Captain Black as a name, Mike likes Hamster as a name. But then again, its not my hamster. :)) The reason I like Captain Black is of course he's black, and he has a huge battle scare on the side of his face. You can see it just above his eye. We went to the pet shop and asked if they had some hamsters that were in need of a home. Ones that were hard to place and they had two of them. One was a girl hamster who had been abused and the pet store took it back from the owner that had lost interest in it. The store would rather take care of the animal than have it abused. We almost got that one. My husband wanted a boy though and the boy hamster had been picked on and had his face torn, leg torn, and also a bitten up back from a bully hamster. We took this little guy with us. We really would have taken them both but we don't have enough room.

I had the little guy in the box they gave to us at first and then I took him out in the car and he was so sweet and well behaved. In the car, while its moving and in a strangers hands, he starts to groom himself! He is very easy going and gentle, such a sweetie!! I'm glad my husband got him as a pet.