Hmmm, I've been watching the anime Hikaru no Go and loving every action packed episode. I remember my husbands cousin bringing the manga over from Taiwan and me trying to read it. No chance it was all in Chinese and all I could do was look at the pictures. It looked very cute. :)) Well, I'm more than half way done with the anime series and it has definitely peaked my interest in the game. I've always liked playing games, but my family in general doesn't play them. I've always had to play solitary games. My sister would be the only one that would play with me. Once we played monopoly for one week. Everyday after school we would pick up our game, I forgot who won. Anyway, I'm going to get a used book on how to play Go and of course check out whats on line as far as tutorials. I've been playing around with one game I downloaded and I've discovered that I'm crap at the game. :) Oh well, I just need to practice and apply myself. It looks like it could be fun if I get a bit better at it. :D