Mr. Hammi Pants is still sick. He has been battling an infection in his cheek for the past month and it has come back. Earlier in the week I took him back to the vet and was prescribed a stronger antibiotic to combat the infection. What that has done is given the little guy the runs! It has totally killed off his stomach flora and now his backside is red, inflamed and raw. I have to soak his bum in cool water with a bit of bicarbonate of soda to sooth it. I hope its working because it looks horrible!! It's like he has hemroids! He must be in pain! Poor little guy! It's tough being so small and having to deal with an irritated ass and a soar cheek! He is on veggies and tofu and I'm going to be giving him some yogurt when his antibiotics are over. Hopefully his digestion will get back on track soon. He is drinking lots of water too. I think more than I've ever seen him drink before. Well, I hope after this is done with he will be feeling a lot better and that infection will be gone once and for all!