I'm really worried about him. Every day I take my hamsters out and examine them and make sure that they are fine. Mr. Hammi Pants has been getting thinner and is now starting to loose patches of hair. Today I found a huge lump on his face that wasn't there yesterday. I'm really really scared that he may not be alive much longer.

Now he is an older hamster, he was already 7 months when I got him a year and some months ago. So he is almost 2 years old. That's old for a hamster. The lump on his face is as big as a pea and its kind of hard too. I'm sure it hurts him, but he doesn't make a squeak at all. The earliest I can take him to the vet is Wed. morning. He seems pretty lively though. He's not slowing down at all. The thing that troubles me is that this thing on his cheek popped up overnight and I'm afraid of what it's going to look like tomorrow. I've put some neosporin on it since there is a scab on the bottom of the lump. I think he scratched himself and it scabbed over.

I know He wont be around forever, but he is the best hamster that I have ever had and I want him to get better soon. We shal see what the vet has to say.

As a note, I checked his Hamsterster.com page and a lot of his hamster and gerbel friends are in heaven. I saw Puschl's picture there too. Made me cry.