I am glad to see groups on Ipernity. yehhhh!!!! That is the main way I would explore other peoples photo streams on Flickr. My hopes for the groups on Ipernity is that they stay unblemished by awards and mandatory hoops that needed to be jumped through just to post a pic in a pool. Not to mention, some of those awards were so flashy and gaudy that it took away from the photo in the first place because it was blinking and spinning around! I've started a few groups and I'm not going to invite into them, I just want them to be discovered on their own and if they always have just me as a member then I'm good with that. I won't even post them here. Let's just say that they involve things that I'm interested in. ( big hints!) Part of the fun is looking them up to begin with! I hope to meet a lot of new people and discover new photo streams. Lets keep these groups short sweet and lots of fun to be in! :)) Enjoy!