Hi! I am Irene and this is my "somewhere fun"; a place where I will write what's on my mind, and my experiences, if they are worth it. Perhaps I will upload short stories sometimes, just when I feel like. But the main aim of this blog is to record my stay in Germany!
Yay, I'm from Spain and in a couple of moths I'll be spending a year as an Erasmus student in Düsseldorf, Germany. And that makes me so excited! I'll try to keep this blog updated (I'm so lazy I've never been able to do so, even though I've tried several times before...) But first, I needed and introduction! What can I say about me?
I'm 19, and as I said, I'm Spanish. I enjoy reading and spending the whole day watching series or doing stuff on the internet. Oh, and sleeping is what I do best. I'm not very good at interacting with people but, since here I just have to type the words and not speak them, I guess there won't be any problem. I can't think of any further information, but you are welcome to ask or tell me anything you want :)