One of the things that flickr does better than Ipernity (and that's a small list these days), is it lets you know if someone has you marked as contact, friend, family. Oddly enough the same information is available on Ipernity, but only via it's API, which means that you have to write an application to access it.

However, the status of how the photos are marked is not available. Despite friend/family markings being documented in the API, they are not actually present in the response records. Nor does the document filter work, which would allow you to specify the type of permissions of files that you want to see. The only thing it gives is whether a file is fully public or not.

I have a test app that I used to discover this stuff. While it's useful, the lack of photo filtering is annoying. It's still work in progress but if anyone is interested you can access it on . It will need to be authorised with ipernity in order for the API to work...

For any flickrites that are interested, I have a similar browser app using the flickr API too on At the moment gathering details about contacts is a separate step as it takes a while to run (click on get details). Score one for the Ipernity API as it returns the useful stuff in the initial list, so the second gathering phase is not required, and hence much faster.

Needless to say if you find any bugs, please let me know so that I can (try to) fix them :-)