viel Post. Viele Fragen, wo der liebe Woija abgeblieben ist. Manche begreifen nur schleppend, dass er weg ist. Manche sind erschüttert, wie sehr sie sich haben belügen lassen. Und Schon zu Beginn diesen Jahre ist etwas ähnliches passiert - Wattwurm war als Icefoxx unterwegs und stellte anderer Leute Bilder aus:

As you might have noticed, I did not understand the account correctly... I do not understand German words but a friend of mine explained everything to me after I sent you the mail... nevertheless I do not regret sending you that mail and that you have replied to it.

I have known a person other than you who have been victimized, confronted me because he knows I was close to this "Woija", I believed him because he showed proofs from his stream, and I found more pics from his stream too posted by this "Woija"... but I did not take it seriously thinking he would learn from his lessons having the icefoxx closed at that time. BUT learning this delinquent act has been going on way back 2004 and from so many other account name is another story!!!!! This is INTENTIONAL act and it is DISGUSTING.

We (together with some other friends) have not gotten over the shock... it is unbelievable and the truth is a pain to swallow.
We have been fooled, we cared for him and TRUSTED him

Mal schauen, was sich da im Nachgang noch herausfinden lässt...