Yes. They are. Many different people have told me so and they have proven it to me time and time again. The proof is always given in the form of a story which is always more or less the same. It taught me what it means to be stupid, hence it allowed me to deduct what it means not to be stupid - what it means to be intelligent. The one and only thing defining intelligence is… geography. Yes. Geography. Ask an American “What is Germany?” and he or she will answer “Why, a city in Brussels!”. (This is – for the stupid amongst us – not the correct answer.)

Are you an American? Don’t like being stupid? No problem! All you need to do is to learn the names of countries and capitals and learn to match them up. Make sure you know the difference between countries and capitals and BINGO, you’ve reached ultimate intelligence!

Luckily I am not American. I am smart and sophisticated without knowing all the Countries and Capitals. They will not ask me about geography and even if they will; I can just say I’m not a stupid American and avoid giving the answer because I generally have no clue =P