Somewhere out beyond your dreams,
Lies a quiet place
That is safe and secure,
Beyond the vinyl, the dog-crates, the paper
Beneath the din of arguing struggle,
And smart-mouth shufflers who delegate duty
Where everything is shiny, then pastel shaded cozy
where the timbre can’t touch you
around the hurtful and misunderstood
And deliberate derailment of candor —but wait
There is a spot
You’ll find it Justine
Someplace all yours, where time can’t tap you.
And peoples stares reflected in you beauty
mirror images of what they are not
The echo return of a lie to oneself; ambient deception
Now nothing can hurt you not even intent
Because you see
You are a real best moment
Loved, missed, and often photographed
The mixer of pudding, nuker of scrambled
A sneaker of applesauce
With a willing heart and a radiant smile.
Yes smile if it suits you and we’ll all be smiling too
For when you laugh, we can’t help it
Though try to understand what it is
That makes you so wondrous
So sparkly, so unique.
It’s only you after all and that beautiful bracelet.