If you've read Captain America in the passed, oh, 8 years, you should probably skip this movie.

By probably I mean, just read some comics, the experience will be more rewarding and you won't have to put up with people at a theatre.

Moving along, the action was neat, the actors were characters they've played before, and Nick Fury fake dies.

Oh yeah, Shield is Hydra, Hydra is Shield, and by the end of the movie Cap destroys Shield, meanwhile Hyrdra's a-ok cause they believe in back up plans.

Oh, dude that played the Falcon, was pretty good, I hope he shows up in more movies. I remember somewhere, that the second wave of marvel flicks wouldn't be all easter eggy, as the first wave.

Lets see:
References to:
Dr Strange
The Punisher
Scarlett Witch

Yeah, no easter eggs here.

On a lighter note though, Might get a good Punisher movie soon. Hopefully Thomas Jane plays him again.

Also, would a Moon Knight movie really be out there? Too much to ask? I mean seriously?