Would like to introduce myself. My name is Jerome and I have been a photographer since 1975. Didn't get serious until a few years ago and am looking for a place to share my photos. I am a Flickr reject and it wll take me time to get my footing and to find my way around. Look forward to making some new friends and sharing some photos and experiences.

When I first signed onto the internet years ago my brother asked me to pick a name and so the screen name of WanaM3 was born. I have used it every since and will go by that name here until something clever pops into my mind.

I enjoy most nature photography and all of my photos are of animals in the wild. I also do a lot of canoeing and so have combined canoeing and photography. Even though my primary focus is on nature I will take a photo of anything that gets in my way. I might add that since I do a fair bit of canoeing that most of my photos are taken from a canoe. I don't wear any camo gear and there is nowhere to hide, so slow and deliberate movements help ne get close to the wildlife.

I love photography, wildlife, aircraft, automobiles, racing, travel and most of all the outdoors. Look forward to making some new friends.