This morning, as I attempted to log into my Flickr, I received the long-dreaded notification that I can no longer use my Gmail account to log in, I must create a new Yahoo account, yadda yadda. I was able to get into Flickr using a cached page on my browser... so Yahoo had not yet disabled my credentials, but of course they will eventually.

What to do?

I realize that creating a Yahoo account is No Big Deal. After all, I created a new account to use ipernity, so it would be hypocritical of me to say that my reluctance to create a Yahoo account is based on being upset at creating yet another account. And, in truth, that's not my issue.

Here's my problem:

When I joined Flickr, I essentially purchased a specific product that operated in a specific way. They have since changed it - drastically - twice. First, they changed the display format to it's current inelegant, in-your-face view. Now, they are changing the way in which I can access my own content. To use the well-worn Internet rite of comparing everything to a car, it's like Yahoo has first changed my car's interior - new, gaudy upholstery and glaring interior lighting - and now they've modified my car's (the Flickrmobile!) engine so that it only accepts Yahoo-brand gas! All without asking my permission. Imagine if GM, Ford, Mercedes or Toyota did such a thing...

I'm still not sold on ipernity. It's less customizable than I thought it would be, and feels... blah. It simply does not feel like a product worthy of a yearly stipend of 30 clams.

I've tried several other services over the years, and really haven't been able to generate much enthusiasm for any of them. I might be better off simply folding up my virtual tent.