today is a new night today is the day i think i really like him. justin hes in my class i like him so much but i know he wont like me back he will be too cool for me and im taller then him thats the worse part of this part. justiin is really nice even thought i hated him two years ago when in 6 we use to get in arguments and his friend roy he was there all the time and he was a different story and i use to like roy till i got to know him. WHY BUT WHY do i have to like a guy that i just started to like as a friend but i will tell how it happend. one day i was getting a drive to school for the first day og grade 8 i looked at the list there was name on mrs.averys class and i looked down the list and i saw justins name and i said oh great so i went to class after and we got to pick are seats then she said get up and she moved everyone then thats when it hit me i had to sit beside justin and eriq , justin sat beside me most of the time and we kinda touched hands by mistack and then are legs touched i think i just got a spark right though my body. i think thats a good thing right and i have a project due monday and i just got it thursday even though i know since monday. i have facebook and he has facebook but im too scared to add him im keep thinking he wont accepet. bye for now i will wright tomorrow. today its the 16th of november its saturday. all day the night i just watch awkward and have a boring life. the show is pretty good this is one of my favourite show other then ppl and teen wolf. awkward is a show about a teen she gos though a rough time with her family and friends. jenna has to choose between two guys named jake and matty if i was her i would pick jake but matty has really dreamie eyes. thats in season 2. in season 3 shes dating matty and her best friend is dating jake . now its season 3 the best season of all. its finally the time i was waiting for. its the first episodde in season 3 i wish there can be intresting not. i fucking love this show so much. but now im done and this is from a different day but this is what i do every day bc im so borde and nothing to do and now im going to be watching season 4 soon as it comes out in april one more month and i cant wait to stay all night and watch it all.

this is my first time wrighting on this site so soon as i get home from getting dinner i will be talking about my life and what a hell its been since i was 5 and how old i am and all my personal life is. this is the most stuped entrie in my life and by the way i cant spell that good.