So I ended up going to see someone to get some contraception , not cause i'm taking my reationship to the next level but just because I know that I was a mistake and I get really paniced about things like having kids at my age.
Anyways I was supposed to be going round to his house and I didn't realise how late I was going to be so I just made up excuses saying that I was going to the doctors , but he kept asking why and yerh that plan really failed

So after about 2 hours of being at his house he asked me again where I had been and I told him that I had gone to get some contraception ,but that that didn't mean I wanted to change anything between us and that I've just done that as a precaution.

We left the conversation there and after I left he text me saying look It dosnt bother me at all that we don't get up too much , i'd never force you to do anything you didn't want to do and that I should know that I can talk to him about things like that .

I never in a million years expected that kind of a reaction he is the kindest ,sweetest , most loveable guy I have ever met and I am so glad and so so lucky to call him mine .