Hey , so i am compeltly new to blogging but i have kept a diary my entir life , i feel like i have experiance alot in my young age and have quite a story to tell , and writting down my life seems to feel like seconnd nature to me now . So I thought why not put it where some people can read it , none of my friends or family know i'm on here but if I seem an interesting blogger then I'd love for you to tell me what you think about me .I'm very suseptable that way :)

So abit about my life , in my younger childhood I did gymnatics 6 nights a week meaning that i'm able to do some crazy stunts , I will include pictures on here ;p ! After that comes high school , I would say the vein of everyones life but I actually quiet enoyed it . Don't worry I wasn't one of those popular stuck up kids I just easily get along with people even teachers .

I'd say I had a differen't background to most at high school I went to a caravan site everyweekend and there were loads of kids my age there so we practically all grew up together those guys are pretty much my family , I love them all and I will never forget them because they gave me the best childhood ever. As always though in every teengage girls life you fall for someone , and I fell for someone REALLY badly but we were literally best friends so I guess you could say I was ''friend zoned'' , I was madly in love with this guy for 3 years , we never got together .Not quiet the disney fairytale ending I hoped for but life goes on and there are more important things that I should be concerned about .

Moving on I now go to college and I love it the freedom you have to go out when you wan't in between your lessons I don't feel as trapped in the same way you do at high school , and I love the people I have met there as well the majority share my insulting and sarcastic sense of humour .There all on my wave level and I love it when you can joke around with people you have to learn to laugh at yourself it's more fun that way , well thats my kind of moto.

I have a boyfriend only recently though and he is my first boyfriend and the first guy I've ever kissed ... I am 17 how embarasing is that . I love him to pieces though he is such a gentlemen in the way a guy should be though don't get me wrong . But it's not often you meet decent guys with morals anymore . He is the best he does the whole cringey texting but in a nice way and I love it :) .

I don't have too many hobbies or interests anymore as I said I did gymnastics I know just try to exersize too keep healthy , I'm just going to emphasize the ''TRY'' right now as I'm a lazy teenager who never really dose anything. I do have a music strek in me though I play guitar, sing and I attempt the keyboard every now and again wich is great as my boyfriends the bassist in a band so being musical gave me some free brownie points ;p .

So this is the shortest introduction I could give without missing out too much or giving too much away I hope you enjoy my blogging and I will blog really soon .