Another school blog has come up =D

Our first assignment for Redesign was to ask ourself 100 questions.
This was to get to know ourself better =D!!

I think it was a cool assignment because you really learn a lot about youself if u ask the right questions. It didn't took me very long because if you're started u can barely stop u just keep on writing writing writing. and YES we had to Write them down !! poor us.

I will give a few examples of my questions;
What are you insecure about?
Do you believe in reïncarnation?
How do you see yourself in 10 years?
When do you consider someone handsome?
Did you enjoy your youth?
What would you like to do for humanity?

Questions like that =D

We had to pick 10 of them and really answer the questions.

Cool assignment huh ?

Love, iris