Samui is under major development, with new hotels and flats springing up everywhere. It is not going to remain very Thai for much longer. The Island itself is circumnavigated in a couple of hours on its only major road. There are sights to be seen, amongst them a large 'Big Buddha' by the airport which is worth a visit. We hired a car for the day and went to the Buddha, a number of temples, Grandmother and Grandfather rocks, (a number of phallic shaped rocks, with a rather nice little beach bar situated in the middle.) the Samui Aquarium and the waterfalls on the other side of the Island.

There are of course snorkeling and diving trips, elephant riding, canoeing, and a curious combination of football and golf where you kick the ball into the holes. Plenty to do, but that feeling of being in Thailand has already to be sort out. Ryan and I did a cookery course, which involved a trip to the local market and gave us some secrets into Thai cuisine.

A sad sight was the seven eleven in Bangkak, just down the road, a car drove into it the other night with the impact bringing down electrical lines onto a van and causing a huge explosion leading to some serious injuries. The site looked as if a bomb had hit it.