As stated on my last posting Bophut has a mixed nightlife. Some nights a bar is packed and sound system jumping, the next night it is closed, but there is one thing in common, all the bars are European themed and you wont find any Thai people anywhere near them. Ryan and I searched high and low for a bit of local colour, but found nothing which resembled the chance of a bit more of a mix with ethnic life.

Second night out however we found a bar tucked away down the back of Bophut Plaza, a small shopping Soi near the pier. Very basic with a few farang and some local people, now this was more like it. However we soon found ourselves on our own as the evening progressed. The bar needed some more custom, so Ryan and I set to work with some tea lights and soon we had a street of light leading from the main street, through the plaza to the bar. Despite Ryans' best efforts at bar hustler we could not entice any more people down the alley to get things going. The locals were having fun keeping the lights going everytime the flames blew out, and were taking great amusement from the spectacle, but still no more trade.

We liked it and intend to be giving Giab some more trade over the next few days.