Onwards then to Ko Samui and the Waterfront Hotel in Bo Phut, which just as it says is Ocean front with beautiful views of the surrounding Islands. We have a family cottage on the beach, it is simple but all we need. The hotel is very friendly and is British owned, and thus most of the guests are British. A friendly lot but it does feel a Brit enclave amoungst the French, who are also here in numbers.

Bo Phut is a very nice little town full of fine restaurants and bars, each with a theme. Aussie (odd as there are none of them here, according to their governments advisory Thailand is too dangerious to visit????) ,French, Irish etc. There are note no girlee bars, they are firmly banned, if you want that sort of bar you go 10 minutes down the road to Chaweng, whose Soy Reggae is a full on strip. (It also has an Ice Bar, which the boys loved as a real get away from the heat.) Imagine Southport v Blackpool in the entertainment stakes.

The Waterfront though is number one on trip advisor for Koh Samui, and makes an excellent base, with a poolside bar which seems to serve usually to 2am. Bit pricey on the cocktail front, but that would be my only critisicm. Very good value otherwise.