Any knock off Nigel would have fun here. All the local interest books and of course every edition of Lonely Planet have been photocopied and rebound and put in a sealed cover to ensure you don't see the quality before you buy. We got a nice edition of the Cambodia guide, and a history on the nation for all of $10. Perfectly useable. You don't actually have a choice, all the bookshops here sell knocked off copies as well, so you might as well buy off a street peddler. They are quiet happy to give you a leaflet advising how they have been set up in their own business, (knocking off copies of books) and please buy from them to help them feed their families. Photocopy repair men must be making a fortune in this nation.

In one such book shop I found a leaflet advertising for volunteer workers in a nearby Orphanage, this nation has a lot of orphans a dreadful amount. The twist here was he was looking for people with professional travel skills, I made a call. Within an hour I was talking to Nick who set up the project a couple of years ago, and needs a travel person to work with him advising on tactics to bring in new business and donations from the huge amount of new tourists arriving in the area. The kids also need training in essential skills to handle the incoming crowds. With the whole of the coastline set to be redeveloped for the Westen tourist market the potential is huge. I hope to be able to help and will liaese with him again on my return. With my employers encouraging its workers to get involved in voluntry projects in compant time I sense an oppertunity in the future.

It goes without saying I left the meeting excited that I could be getting involved and helping in this beautiful country in the future.