The Hotel are of course happy to provide a driver and car with air con for the day, so all four of us headed off to explore the legendary Angkor Wat series of temples just five miles outside the town. The effeciency soon comes to light again, and within 5 minutes of arrival have our day passes complete with photo id for the princly sum of $20 each.

In the morning we tackle the main series at Angkor, the one in all the photos. It is a huge site (the largest religious site in the world.) and very little is restricted access wise. The weather is kind and overcast so as to provide shade and a cooler day than expected. A lot of photos are taken and results will be posted on our return.

Onto Angkor Thom, notable for its huge faces carved into the temple rocks. The whole area is littered with temples, arches etc, and seems to go on forever. We are exhausted and take time over a traditional Cambodian lunch, Amok, a fruity, meaty concocotion served in a coconut. Khmer food is similar to Thai but without the chilli and perhaps a little sweeter.

Our final venue is Ta Prohm. This temple is largely unrecovered from nature, leaving a spectacular combination of trees and foliage with the ruins of the temple visable beneath. You are again allowed alomost unrestricted access to the site and thus we have wonderful photographic oppertunities.

We are greatful to return to the hotel, and its uber cool spaces and some well deserved pool time before another assault on bar street.