Bangkok Saturday night and where else but Soy Cowboy, the lighter end of the Bangkok girlee bar scene. The whole family join me for the initial walk through the street before retreating to the nearest Restaurant for dinner. An already quaking Owen has decided he does not want to walk back the same way after dinner, leaving me and Ryan to enjoy the rest of the evening on our own.

I kiss Ros goodbye and give her 500baht to ensure she has enough money for a cab should she need one. The local girls look on very confused. We pick the Tilac Bar following recommendation from the usually relaible Bangkok Bob website. It is a good call and we have ten minutes outside peoplewatching, being acosted by an elephant selling sweets, before the localli start to hover. Eventually we are joined by Mew and Nong who are pleased accept lady drinks in exchange for a story or two. I explain I am giving Ryan a tour of the nightlife and explaining how it works, but we will be moving onto the next bar shortly.

It doesn't take long to decide that these two are friendly wihout being preditory, and we end up staying for the evening and moving inside. Inside the scene is very lively, with pole dancing to western rock music. The toilets have windows where the punters can still watch the action, but these windows are not one way.

23.30 and Mew and I are busy seperatlng Ryan from his new girlfriend* and having peeled them apart leave them with a kiss and a generious tip, befoe pileing off onto the Skrtrain to make the last boat to the hotel by 5 minutes.

*Subject to availability, terms and condiions apply. Hourly rates available. Happy hour 2 for the price of 1 Mondays. Discounts available for the over 60's, frequent flyer scheme available.