I took the family down to Khao San last night, the first time I have visited, having missed it last time completly. We started from over the other side of the City racing each other (Ros and Ryan v Me and Owen) on Tuc Tucs and Owen and I were in the bar a good 20 minutes ahead of the others.

I was suprised at just how prominant the back packer scene was. The road is now closed to traffic and it is a full entertainment centre in itself. Food, accomodation and bars mix with the street dealers and the maket traders. Street performers entertain and even the bible bahers get a go. The scene progress into the surrounding area and it is easy to make a night of it. We dined at the Wild Orchid Villa at a fifth of what it cost back at the hotel.

The Villa was also an intenet station and bed and breakfast, and was very friendly. Food almost outrageouly delicious. Ryan and I checked the bar scene later, and only found a decent one as it was time to leave. The drawback with our hotel is we need to be at the landing for the last boat back to the hotel by midnight or face an expensive hotel ride right across the city.

As usual the cab drivers here will quadruple rates as soon as they here a Western Hotel or Khao San mentioned. Its a shame it makes life hard work, but its still worth it. The only problem with that attitude is you end up argueing with the locals over the smallest of things and tend not to trust them on meeting. I am sorry Sir this is cloased you should go and see this, my friend will take you. The site we were visiting was of course open and we nearly missed it. Thus when you get one who is actually trying to help you are instantly suspicious.