sorry to see your house damage. I have had two "floods" in my life.

Once when I lived in a basment apartment and a hallway radiator failed and half my apartment flooded. That was hell to take out the furniture but I didn't lose so very much. The other was a flood in the old family house in Toronto, where heavy thunderstorm rains combined with a blocked sewer drain, an invasive tree root, backed up into the basement. It happened to be a Sunday night and there was no way to rent a pump.

The furnance room had a slope floor to the central drain in the floor and I recall using a pair of buckets and carrying water up the stairs and out the side door to dump out. Took hours to get it down. Then I will never forget. The storms resumed, The rain came back and the drain backed up a second time. Had to bucket it out again. By morning my knuckles were dragging on the ground from my stretched out arms.

I dont suppose it is much consolation but you will likely never experience another storm this severe again in your lifetime. Dont try to fix everything at once. I better stop with the free advice. I am really no hurrican expert, I just know a little about snow and ice. Be well and be safe.