Had a a most ununusual dream. A small envelope appeared and when I opened it. I found a small sheet of odd black paper. When exposed to the lgiht it turned from black to show handwriting. The writing appeared to be the rough notes of someone doing some kind of research into family background. It said Kathleen NcClure and some dates 1677 - 1707 and the notation “captured by pirates”, and one other note, “took in students.” It seemed to me that this was not the first time that I had received a black note of this type but I dont recall any precise details. It just seemed familiar. I had the feeling that someone who meant me well had sent me the note but once again I have no clear impression of precisely who or why. The name McClure does not figure in my family history - at least not to my knowledge. The handwriting looked a little like an old photostat not a photocopy and the handwriting looked to be old, perhaps 19th century or earlier. Intriguing but not alarming.