It was -25C this morning and windy later on. Another storm is moving though. Writing this there is blowing snow 57kph gusts and calling for 5 to 10 cm of snow. There was also lighting and thunder which is strange!
Today was sunny and cold. Washed laundry and hung it out on the clothesling. Like on Saturday, my fingers were frozen before I was done hanging it all up.
Tara, Matthew and I played Dominion and watched the Olympics. Andrew and Josh where helping with the Optamist's Family Day event in Watford. They left at 8:40 and got home later in the afternoon.
After supper we played some Dominion, Crib and King of Tokyo.
The earlier mention storm was developing while we were playing after supper. It was around 10 that we say the lightning and heard the thunder.
The kids are hoping there is no snow.
Andrew got an email saying that a kid dropped out of the WASSA wrestling tournament in Windsor, so he can go now.