I'm taking three ballet classes a week, one an examination class, but I'm still the only man in any of them. A male school student is said to be starting a different class to get some ballet on his CV in readiness for an application to a college for the performing arts but I doubt I'll come across him. So I continue to pitch myself against the girls in class. We're taken through moves in the centre and the teacher invariably turns to me afterwards: "But you do it this way." In a class this week I came in for an extraordinary amount of praise amongst the corrections. It was almost embarrassing and I could feel disbelieving looks on the girls even if I couldn't see them. In third arabesque en fondu my lines were "very nice". The teacher paused the class to praise my posé assemblé soutenu en tournant "so elegant". My tendus were particularly tendu and I was now crossing my legs in beats, not just my feet. After class my teacher came up to me. "I just need to ask you a favour". A coincidence I'm sure.