As pieced together by the editors from in-depth research of her Flickr site and interviews with sources familiar with her life

As she says in her Flickr Profile, Magnolia Thunderpussy wishes "to remain an enigma".  However, certain clues to her biography have been dropped along the way, rather like lace handkerchiefs in the path of handsome young guardsmen.  Pick them up and you may be rewarded.

We know that Miss Magnolia's mother was Prussian and her father Dutch and that the family had an estate in East Prussia until the end of World War II. But we have been unable to find any information about her birth and childhood.

The first "appearance" of Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy was in 1864, during the Burning of Atlanta, when she rescued a red-headed Irish woman from the amorous attentions of some drunken Yankee soldiers.  This woman was Dymphna O'Reilly, who was to become her maid. 

In 1890 Miss Magnolia made a beautiful lady-in-waiting at the Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, soon after which she was recruited by the Imperial German Navy and served at the German Embassy in Constantinople until the end of the First World War.  There followed a short sojourn in the newly-formed Soviet Union, as Continuity Girl to the little-known Russian film director, Eisenpein, until she was advised to leave after rebuffing Stalin's amorous advances.  Together with Dymphna O'Reilly, she left to run a sailors' hotel in Panama City for several years, before recrossing the Atlantic to become a mannequin in Wertheim's Department Store, in Berlin.  The years she spent in that exciting city, until 1933, were some of the happiest of her long life, and she also performed on stage at many cabarets. 

With the "election" of the "Austrian Corporal" (as she always insisted on calling Herr Hitler), she once more returned to the USA and became a Beech-Nut Girl for a while, before becoming involved with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Idaho, where she met Peregrine - the love of her life.  Under circumstances never fully revealed, he left for Maine, and she moved to the West Coast, where she enlisted as a WAVE, employed in top-secret work for the US Navy during the Second World War.  It has been hinted at that she was sent on a few missions to Germany and the Occupied Countries, but we await more details. 

Even at this late date, Miss Magnolia refuses to discuss her mysterious and as yet unexplained return to Berlin in 1936. All we know is that while there, she attended the Olympic Games, where she made a vivid impression on an elegant young gentleman, the youngest son of the Baron von Amialtebloede. His story is included in this chapter. 

Little has been revealed, so far, of her life in the 1950s, apart from a few mysterious photographs (and tragic story) of a sweet young child referred to as "My little boy, Robbie".  

During the 1960s she was part of the "nouvelle vague" of Parisian culture, and since then has dedicated herself to the plight of fallen women and Lascar seamen everywhere, opening homes and raising funds.

Throughout her long life she has been accompanied by her devoted maid servant, Dymphna, and by her Dick, a hot-blooded heterosexual chauffeur, who has has to spurn the attentions of her more "theatrical" gentlemen friends on more than one occasion.