My computer technician certainly took his time . . . I am seriously considering seeking a more reliable "young man", I really do not appreciate being assured that he will come on "such-and-such" a date, never to turn-up nor indeed, to do me the courtesy of telephoning. Eventually, he did reinstall the damned thing last week, but only after I had dragged myself off out of my sick bed to confront him in his workshop! Meanwhile, I was stricken by a particularly obnoxious viral infection which caused problems with my chest/lungs/breathing, and I was put on steroids for five days - horrible things, which, although clearly-up the infection, left me terribly groggy and quite "spaced out". I also lost at least 5 kilos over 2 days, which has not impressed me.
So . . . we start again, what more could possibly go wrong in 2013?
I have missed you all, and hope you managed somehow . . .