I found one of these lenses and shutter attachments www.ebay.com/itm/Ilex-Oscillo-Paragon-3-75mm-f1-9-Shutter-Large-Format-EXC-/130791271346 in a box of stuff my dad left me when he passed away. I figured I might be able to use it with the Crown Graphic. I shoot primarily macro and never had a feel for the 135mm Schneider. I was able to cut a piece of aluminum and match it to the existing board and mounted the lens inside. The inner ring was too big to get inside the bellows so I will have to use it without. A c-ring holds it in place. Now, this is unlike anything I have ever done before, but I am starting to want a bigger negative and different look for my garden images. (a tiny paradise in a concrete jungle) and it gives a beautiful bokeh and a really nice close-up. I can't wait to try it out over the weekend. I have both D100 and HP5+ thawing out, ready. I am so busy at work during the week I find the weekend is the only time to get in serious work. I can't wait to try this. I also got a box of projector bulbs and a Nikon Microflex the research dept was throwing out and I am going to take apart too and see if I can use the glass. I already have enough microscope adapters my dad left for me I really don't need another one and I rarely use the Nikon (blaspheme I know). I think the ilex oscillo-paragon is going to be fun. I know it's perfect for macro. Anyway, I will post images as soon as I have them processed and printed.
woot! :)

lens test ilex oscillo-paragon 75mm f1.9 lens test ilex oscillo-paragon 75mm f1.9