Hi fellow owls,

Just thought I would inform you all, and some from 606 who knew the event was taking place,that this owl is now a happily married man. Saturday 19th july 2008, of course the british weather being what it was let us down. Non more so than the storm on friday evening which demolished the marqueet, but in typical wednesday spirit it was laughed off and plan "b" put in place. Over 50 guests travelled from far and wide to make it a wonderful occasion. As soon as I am able I will publish some pictures.

It was a wonderful occasion, i would even put it on par with being at the birth of my daughter. 

It is also a lovely site to see so many family and friends under one roof enjoying themselves.

I knew the bride would look beautiful (As all brides do) but I was truly moved with the vision that walked down the aisle. With a tear in my eye I coudn't believe how lucky I was to be standing at the alter.

The whole day was magical and even now I don't think it has fully sunk in or if I have started to come down from cloud nine. For those who wished me well before the big day I thank you, for the likes of Leedssouth, you have so much to look forward to, it is truly amazing.