Well, then. Hello, everyone. I came here with the purpose of starting a weblog for sharing my experiences with trying to become somewhat fluent in the various sciences -- I guess a sort of Renaissance man of science; as well as to get help and feedback from anyone willing. Being a math student, I will probably focus, at the beginning, more on physics, branching out a little into biology, and every blue moon, maybe write a topic relating to the social sciences, which is wholly unfamiliar territory to me; and while this is to be a science blog, and I do intend to touch on the social sciences, there is a fine line to cross to get to social advocacy and policy advocacy, and I wish to stay away from politics here. (Though, for purposes of disclosure, I will here state that politically, I am a liberal, who sometimes ponders libertarianism, but has major difficulties with it; and I am an Obama supporter -- and hopefully, there will be a minimal mention of politics from here on in the main blog. As for comments, post what you will.)

More specifically, there are a few goals I plan to work toward, and the following is probably not an exhaustive list. First, I hope to explore areas where I found the textbooks I had were a bit lacking. As I see it now, this will mostly entail posting experiments which were the historical foundations of things which, in introductory textbooks, are mere statements of fact. This will also work toward my second goal: by focusing on experiments, I hope to drive home just how important experiments are in science, and how much information is really packed into a textbook page. Third, I hope to make a science self-education directory, where people with questions, but unsure of what area of science might address them, might get help from others more knowledgeable. Fourth, it has been said that a person must read 200 or so papers to be knowledgeable of physics; when I read that, I found it thoroughly unhelpful, as it contained no link to a list of the papers, or anything along those lines that would have pointed me in the right direction. Therefore, I wish to make a blog which people might use to find papers important to having a good understanding of science. Fifth, I would like this to be a resource which is helpful even to people of restricted means, so for now, I will try to work as much as possible within the realm of public domain; however, seeing as even the structure of DNA was unknown before the 1950s, I do not know how well this will work in biology. Sixth, I wish also for my page to be a resource to help people be able to make sense of papers, so that they may go on there own, in the directions of their choosing, once they have gotten beyond the content in this blog.

There are a couple points where I feel a warning is called for. One, the mathematical content will vary from post to post, and I will try to provide resources, or just summarize the basic ideas, in hopes of making this blog accessible to people of varied mathematical background. And two, there is a potential that at times, I may find it necessary to post images, or discuss topics, that might be disturbing, but which I find scientifically relevant. For example, I have heard that some of da Vinci's anatomy drawings can be a bit much; and I plan in the future to make a post on science ethics which will probably discuss some rather horrible experiments conducted by the Nazis. I plan to give warning of this ahead of time, and read a bit more on the workings of Ipernity's blog set up to get a feel for this "above the fold" and "below the fold" setup I've seen mentioned at other blog sites.

That's it for now. As for my immediate plans, my next post will be a compilation of the science textbooks I'm using for reference; and one day in the future, whenever I get my hands on a digital camera, I hope to write a post on an experiment which supports the physics textbook statement that "forces add like vectors," as well as a brief summary of what that means.