June 23, 2008

 Hello everyone,

     I wanted to post a message to introduce myself.

I am a mother to (4) four beautiful kids, I live in Acworth,

Georgia-U.S.A. I'm very young at heart and enjoy the

simple things in life...I am a Gemini, born May 28th,'73.

My personality and nature very much coincides with the

translation of what a Gemini is all about. My interests are

many and varied, but there are only a few things in this

life that I love with all of my heart and that would be my

children. I enjoy arts, crafts and making things with my

hands, it gives me great pride and joy to know that I am

able to create beautiful things. For several months, I have

been researching Crochet & Knitting. I have also been

locating beautiful crochet patterns, mostly doily patterns

because for some reason I am drawn to the delicacy of

each thread that it takes to complete a work of art..a

work of love. In the past I've tried learning by reading a

How-to-Crochet Book but to no avail I was just left string

tied and confused. So I've decided to search the net for

some really good How-to- videos online and try to learn

that way. But I don't intend on stopping there..I want to

learn how to Knit too!! heeheheehehe!

Well I hope that you've had enough of getting to know me

for one day..See you soon!