Because I don't know if anyone will read it which makes it a complete waste of time. Lifes too short for that. In brief:

>just joined this site today. Disappointed in that I didn't see a help forum where a rookie like me can go to get help.

>ipernity won't resize a picture that you want to use as your member picture. That's ridiculous!That's like going to a bar, drinking beer for the first hour, and then asking for a glass of red wine. The bartender tells you, "Sorry, but you'll have to go next door to drink wine. We only serve beer." Are you kidding me? Why? You serve alcohol, why exclude wine? The point is Ipernity doesn't make resizing a members picture fluid. They make it a hassle. There's no reason for that type of hassle! That's not enough to make me leave this site, but still...

>this site doesn't have a suggestion box. That is enough to make me leave. That shows me they're not interested in feedback like the one I gave above.

>just uploaded my first batch of pictures. They're thumbnail size when you're priming to upload them. That's too small. What if you want to scrutinize them? What if you want to check them out so you can make sure that you really want to upload them? NO ONE CAN SCRUTINIZE AN IMAGE THE SIZE OF A THUMBNAIL! So, I right click on an image so I can select "preview", a function that blows the picture up in size, and Ipernity doesn't have a preview function! Are you kidding me? That is enough to make me leave Ipernity. That makes me appreciate Flickr that much more.

I'm not sure if I'll be back. Maybe I'll check back in 6 months to see if they fixed the above mentioned issues. Maybe not.